rain walk

It's raining again. All this cold wet weather is kind of making me crazy, but until the sun comes out to shine again, the best we can do is throw on the rain gear and take a walk in the wet, wet woods.

We splash in puddles along the way:

The park with a hiking trail also has a merry-go-round. What is it about kids and spinning around? I'd be dizzy and nauseous on this thing after about 5 seconds, but my kids love it:

By now, of course, the regular climbing equipment is boring (and slippery), so Daniel goes in search of something else to climb. He finds a fallen tree:

Anya, of course, isn't far behind:

Daniel sets about finding out what's underneath all that dead, loose bark.

Hey look! A bug nest with a bunch of grubs of some kind! (I suspect they had something to do with the reason the tree died and fell over, judging from how everything was eaten away under the bark):

The biology lesson ends abruptly when we find a grown-up bug with what might be a nasty-looking stinger! It doesn't have wings and acts sluggish, but the business end of it is menacing enough we decide to go back to the merry-go-round for a while.

Then home for cocoa and popcorn! All in all, a nice afternoon.


Anonymous said…
Speaking of wicked bugs. Monday (yesterday) on Fresh Air an author was interviewed who wrote a book called wicked bugs, and the bugs are indeed wicked. Nasty creatures. These are bugs, not snakes or plants. Nature can be amazing.

It is great that you gets those kids outside, rain or shine.

Anonymous said…
A lovely account of your afternoon and thank you for the pictures. I'm glad you're not afraid to go out in wet
weather. Walks--rain or shine-- can be wonderful times for exploration.
Jessi said…
Sounds so lovely.

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