more basement pictures

Basement work continues to progress. It feels like things are really ramping up now! This week the drywall goes in, which means Stuart and I have a lot of painting ahead of us - the one task we don't feel completely inadequate doing ourselves. I think I've finally settled on colors for the walls and ceiling. I'm not looking forward to painting the ceiling. Or the stairwell, for that matter.

I've spent a lot of time staring at these:

Stuart put in several evening hours running network cable, pulling it out when he realized it was too close to the electrical wiring, and re-running it. He's almost done:

Hey, we have a partial shower! Stuart has already called dibs on its inaugural use when the bathroom's all done:

This is what the back yard looks like from the egress window:

Daniel loves the windows. They have a nice deep sill to sit on and a fun crank to turn for opening:

You may notice in some of these pictures that it looks like someone took a giant can of Readi-Whip to the walls. That's actually sprayed-on insulation, and it's the weirdest stuff, like rock-hard foam. It's supposed to make the house much more energy-efficient. We had to vacate the house for a whole day earlier this week to escape the fumes and the noise!


Animal said…
Looks great! :-)

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