Five on Friday: random edition

1. I wrote a real downer of a post a few days ago and took it down ten minutes later because it was just too whiny (even for me). The gist is as follows: I am perpetually frustrated because I wish I had more going on in my professional life. I still don't really have enough time to prepare for major gigs, so I'm not sure if I should be pursuing more at this point or not.

2. It's hard to stay sad when spring comes early to Wisconsin. I mean, the global warming part of it is freaking me out a little, but we're enjoying the warmth and sunshine all the same. See?

3. My eyes are really itchy. I don't normally have any problems with seasonal allergies, but the winter-that-wasn't and mild weather now has all kinds of flowers blooming already, so there are probably lots of allergens floating around that affect the hardiest among us. I suppose there are drawbacks to an early spring.

4. It's Friday, so I'm trying not to feel guilty about spending my precious kid-free time writing a blog post instead of doing something productive. Like cleaning.

5. Stuart's birthday was Monday! (So was Mitt Romney's, incidentally. Not that it means anything to us, particularly.) Anya and I baked him a cake, and after school, she and Daniel decorated the chocolate glaze with their favorite sprinkles, some of which are Christmas-themed, but no one seemed to care. We don't have 34 candles, so Stuart lit them in binary.

For those of you who can appreciate this, his t-shirt reads: "There are 10 kinds of people in this world, those who understand binary and those who don't."

Happy Friday, y'all.


Jessi said…
Very funny shirt. Also, when did Anya get so big? She is so beautiful! Never feel guilty about doing what you want for a while on a Friday afternoon.
ann said…
or any other day :-)

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