good, bad

Good: Getting tubes in his ears means Daniel is less likely to get ear infections.

Bad: Having tubes in your ears does not completely eliminate the possibility of an ear infection.

Good: All the kindergarten and first grade classes had a music concert this morning. They were all dressed like animals. It was adorable.

Bad: Daniel looked pale and miserable from the get-go, and was on the verge of tears the whole time.

Good: He did NOT throw up on the girl in front of him. (He didn't throw up at all, in fact. Thank goodness.)

Bad: But he was still feeling bad, so 10 minutes into the concert, I asked his teacher to check on him. He insisted he was fine, but I could tell he wasn't, so after a few more minutes I went to check on him, and he admitted he wasn't feeling well, so we left. All this happened mid-concert in front of hundreds of parents, by the way. An hour later at the urgent care clinic, the PA diagnosed him with an ear infection.

Good: If you have tubes in your ears, infections can be treated with antibiotic ear drops. No yucky medicine to swallow!

Bad: It's bloody tricky to get those drops in properly. I did my best, but I fear some of the medicine just drained out right away.

Good: The ear drops are supposed to work quickly, so there's a chance Daniel will be ready to go back to school tomorrow already.

Bad: I'm afraid the other ear will start to hurt and I'll have to bring him home again.

Good: Ear infections are not contagious.

Bad: But head lice are! A note was sent home yesterday alerting all parents in Daniel's class that someone was recently treated for head lice and we are to be on the lookout.

I think I might keep him home tomorrow, just to be on the safe side all the way around.


Jessi said…
Oh my! Also, I hate lice. Also, as someone who has done the ear tubes droppy things twice now, let me offer you what worked best for my kids (because you totally asked and obviously our kids are exactly the same). I would give them a fruit juice freezer pop to suck on and make a game out of staying flat on their side for 1 minute. With an egg timer and everything. The sucking makes their ear canals squish and open, which I figured helped it get in there faster.
Suze said…
Jessi, that is a great idea. Thank you!

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