Next week my kids have spring break, so tomorrow I'm driving them and me to Kentucky to visit my parents for several days. The kids have been hounding me all. day. long. about packing because they are so excited about this trip they can barely stand it. You know what happens when a 6yo and 4yo pack their own suitcase, don't you? One empties his entire sock drawer and 6 shirts into the suitcase and declares himself packed, while the other insists that knee-high wool socks are Absolutely Essential for a Kentucky April after the mildest weather anyone's seen in this country in years. Meanwhile, every five minutes they are asking me why we can't leave TODAY AND DON'T FORGET OPA'S BIRTHDAY PRESENT IT'S RIGHT HERE IT'S RIGHT HERE I NEED TO PUT IT IN MY SUITCASE RIGHT NOWWWW!

Sigh. At least I have a DVD player and plenty of videos for the car ride.


Jessi said…
I know I'm late, but I hope you had a peaceful trip.

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