it ain't over yet

Warm weather graced thousands of protesters today as we rallied at the State Capitol.

I'm not even sure what this one was about, exactly, other than a reminder that we're still here, still angry, and a recall election is imminent.

As I walked up State Street this afternoon, lots of people were out - protesters, people attending some big game or other, lots of people in green shirts and plastic beads celebrating St. Patrick's Day a week early. While waiting to cross the street, a group of young men, boys really, were discussing the goings-on. "What's with all the people at the Capitol?" said one. "Yeah, I thought this finally died out in the fall," responded another. "Why don't they just get fucking jobs?" said the first douchebag, then added, "Oh, yeah. It's Saturday." I swear, this is the closest I've ever come to punching someone in the face. Angry thoughts flew through my head, and in the few seconds before the light changed to green, I seriously contemplated giving those boys a piece of my mind, or at the very least a calm and reasoned lecture on Scott Walker and current economic situation and why exactly there aren't jobs to be had, and why this protest movement hasn't yet "died out."

But I didn't, of course. I was tongue-tied, as I often am, and chances are they would have laughed at me anyway. They'll find out soon enough, when (if) they graduate.

I didn't stay long at the rally. I had somewhere to be. It was heartening, though, to see so many people (tens of thousands) gathering again at The People's House to make our voices heard. One of my favorite signs says it best: One Year Longer, One Year Stronger


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