Freaks and Geeks

We just finished watching the first two episodes of "Freaks and Geeks," a TV show that aired six or seven years ago for one season. It's about kids in high school and all their social issues. It's very funny; one particularly tall geek, Bill, is reminiscent of Napolean Dynamite. Anyway, the first episode, which focuses on a) a pretty girl, Lindsay, who mixes up with the "cool" crowd (re: troublemakers) and is suddenly afraid to look smart and b) her little brother, Sam, who is tortured by a bully, with a side helping of c) their dad who says things like "I knew a guy who smoked cigarettes. You know where he is now? Dead!!" While it was a good episode, it rang just a little too true of the painful experiences of high school...and suddenly we were terrified. It's one thing to think about your own adolescence and wince knowingly at the dorks on TV. It's completely another thing to realize that your precious, adorable now-ten-week-old is going to have to go through that. I almost can't bear it. I just hope it's easier for him than it was for me.



Jenn Hacker said…
I really liked that show. I can relate to all the characters in it, as I was a freak AND a geek at the same time (who else wore head-to-toe black leather to AP English/History?)

And if you really want something to freak out over... Just wait until Daniel hits puberty. Nowadays it happens WAY before you're even thinking of high school.

Jamethan is EIGHT and he's already started puberty - hair and hormones and zits, OH MY!

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