Some Random Thoughts

I just saw on the CNN website that Bush is calling for higher fuel efficiency standards. Have we suddenly entered Bizarro World? Did he get a brain transplant? Or is it maybe that since gas prices have been rising at the same rate his approval ratings have been dropping, he decided to endorse smart public policy for a change?

Last weekend I saw an elderly couple in a Cadillac with a personalized license plate that read "GODS CAD," accompanied by a yellow ribbon "Support Our Troops/God Bless America" decal in the shape of a Jesus fish. Hmmmm, I wonder how they vote.

That's all for now. I'm much distracted by the nagging voice in the back of my head that is telling me I better practice for that cello recital next weekend.


Steph said…
The best one I've seen yet, on the back of a big truck in Topeka, said "I Support Our Heros--To Hell with the Tree-Hugging Liberals."

Bush is just making noise. He ain't actually gonna do shit for renewable energy. When he stops giving tax breaks to oil companies, then I'll sit up and notice. That would be Bizarro World.
Suze said…
There is some muttering in congress about starting a windfall profits tax on oil companies. I'd be surprised if it was actually turned into legislation, though.

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