Welcome to my blog!

I'm finally doing it, joining the blogosphere to record the anecdotes and events of my so-called life for anyone out there who cares to read about it. I could say that I'm doing this for the benefit of my family and friends who are spread out across the country and the globe, but let's be honest here: I'm mainly doing this for myself. Eight weeks ago (Feb. 7, to be exact) I gave birth to a son, my first child. Since then, as a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom), I have discovered the art of multi-tasking. I can do the dishes while rocking him to sleep in the sling. I can eat my own lunch while he's having his. I can even answer the door while he's nursing. Even so, being a SAHM means spending a lot of time "alone," and by that I mean "not around other adults with whom I enjoy interacting." So I decided that a blog would be a good way for me to keep my brain engaged in creative output on topics other than breastfeeding, baby poop, baby gas and baby spit-up, all of which occupy a considerable portion of my time. Of course, said topics will probably feature as prominently as anything else on this blog, but I'll try and keep everything in perspective.

A word about comments: if you want to comment on this blog, you have to register as a user. I'm doing this to avoid the spam-like advertisements that will inevitably clog up the comments roll. Registering as a user doesn't mean you have to have a blog of your own; it just means you pick a user name and password and give your email address to blogger.com. (I did that a while back to be able to comment on other blogs, and I have yet to get unfiltered spam in my inbox.)

So anyway, to all the millions (ha!) of you viewing my blog, welcome! I hope you visit and comment often.


Steph said…
Welcome to the blogosphere, Suze. I'm looking forward to reading you. :)

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