What's new about the baby this week:

1. He can hold his fist in his mouth long enough to suck on it for a few seconds.

2. He can win a staring contest with any adult.

3. He is now interested in brightly colored plastic objects, which is nice because it means he can be entertained by something other than me!

4. He pooped 2 days in a row instead of saving it all up for a whole week.

5. He can vocalize the vowel sounds "ee," "aah," "ooh," and "ooo."

6. He sleeps for a six-hour stretch at night.


Steph said…
I bet you're especially happy about #4. Perhaps an end to the epic poops!!
Suze said…
It's probably an anomaly, actually, much as I hate to admit it. I don't get it, though. Breast milk is supposed to be a natural laxative...

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