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The poop rocket and I both got stuck with big needles today at the doctor's office, though I didn't cry as much as he did. I was getting blood drawn for a routine cholesterol check (which I told my PCP I would do, oh, about 5 years ago) and Daniel was getting his 8-week shots. He didn't like them one bit, but after only about five minutes of screaming bloody murder, he calmed down and went to sleep. Thank God for infant Tylenol, I say. The good news is that he's in the 90-95th percentile for weight and length (BOO-yah!), so our boy is healthy and definitely growing.

Because I had to fast for twelve hours for that blood test, I decided to treat myself to a double espresso and a scone at Steep 'n Brew on my way home. It's amazing how going somewhere with a baby, especially a very young and immobile one, prompts total strangers to come talk to you and tell you about their kids. I found myself in a conversation with a woman (incidentally, a dead ringer for Katie Sackhoff of Battlestar Gallactica) who is going to school for nursing and has two kids of her own only 15 months apart, age 5 and 6. Some people might find this kind of thing annoying, but I have to admit I enjoy the attention and opportunity to talk to other adults, even if that includes conversing with random strangers.

Coffee shops are great places to eavesdrop on people, too. The guy working the counter, a young blond gentleman with barrettes in his hair and a distinct lisp, was telling the Katie Sackhoff look-alike, "Yeah, um, when I was like eighteen I did every substance I could get my hands on, I mean anything, but mostly ecstasy ya know? and that was for like two years and that stuff really messes up your brain so now I can't just be like, hey brain, just make some fuckin' seratonin because it just won't, like, do that on its own and my friend doesn't believe in pills and she thinks it's just, like, all in my head, and I'm like you shouldn't judge me until you've walked in my shoes for a day and that really pissed her off but I was like, I'm sorry, you just shouldn't judge, I mean, some people have to judge cause that's their job in court or whatever but you shouldn't be judging me..." (That, by the way, was the abbreviated version.) I just pretended to be reading the New York Times.


canadahauntsme said…
Lol... "steep 'n brew?" How about "macerate 'n percolate?" Yeah, I think that's going to be the name of my new business, but then my friend was, like, "no way can you name it that" and I'm, like, "why not?" and she's, like, "because it's copyright infringement" and then I started getting pissed off and just told her not to judge me until she's walked a day in my shoes because when I was 18 I drank as much coffee as I could get my hands on, I mean any, but mostly arabica, ya know? =)

Glad to hear Danny is healthy as a clam... but I'm glad he's not a clam.


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