Some people don't get it

Last night I played harpsichord for a voice recital, something I intend to write more about at a later time, and afterwards I ran into a guy I know moderately well who had been invited to the performance by the singer's sister. We exchanged the usual "How's it going?" kind of stuff, and then he said "I haven't seen you since you were pregnant. What have you been up to?" I've noticed that only people who know nothing about kids (mostly single men) ask me this question of late. That nasty little sarcastic, condescending sliver of my personality wants to say "What do you THINK I've been up to? I have a baby! That's basically a full-time job! DUH!" Instead I smile and say, laughing apologetically in that non-threatening feminine way, "Oh, since I had the baby I just mostly take care of him, but I manage to get out every once in a while for gigs like this, you know, as long as it's not too late in the evening. ha ha ha." At least I've managed to avoid the saccharine "Motherhood is WONDERFUL! I love EACH and EVERY minute of EACH and EVERY day!!"


mamacita said…
Hang in there Suze, it only gets better! My little one is six months old and even though I still breastfeed him every 2 to 2 1/2 hrs, I can do so much more in between feedings now because he can entertain himself much more. Once your baby starts sitting on his own at around 6 months you have a lot more free time.
Suze said…
Thanks for the encouragement, mamacita. Now that the weather's nice enough to go outside, I don't feel so cloistered. He's at the stage where he's awake more, but not really interested in toys, so it's up to ME to keep him happily entertained!

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