I should be in bed, but I'm freaking out a little bit instead.

I have a doctoral recital Sunday. That will be fine. I'm trying to write program notes and they are shitty, but they won't be by the time I take them to Kinko's or wherever for printing on Saturday.

I also have a little over two weeks until I start the process of taking my prelims. I say process because there are three parts to the exam: the portion for my doctoral minor, my doctoral major, and then the orals. While it's a relief to be past the mess of beaurocracy it took to get the warrant issued, it meant that I didn't know if I was taking the exams this semester and hence didn't know what to study. I'll spare you the nitty-gritty details, but DMA prelims are in transition now, and the upshot of it is that the exams are supposed to be a little easier for people like me who have taken a crapload of courses. I just got an email from my minor professor indicating that I'll be taking the old test, which I believe consists of a long list of essay questions and terms to identify.

Was that confusing? Sorry. I'll simple it up for you: I have just over two weeks to review 800 years of Western music history. Just typing that about made me crap my pants.

Remember that list of stuff that calms me down? It's nonsense, all of it. No amount of knitting or bread-pummeling will alleviate this situation.

I wish I could take the stack of term papers I've written for music history courses and seminars at this stupid school and place them in my already-too-thick file and say "Here! Isn't this proof enough that I have Sufficient Knowledge?"



annalu alulu said…
Thanks a lot. Now I'm gonna have nightmares.

Really, I'll pray for you. I didn't know there was such a thing as a doctoral minor.
Suze said…
thanks, ann. please don't have nightmares. i'll get through it; it just won't be fun.

i don't think every school has a doctoral minor. what's obnoxious about UW is that they (not just the music dept but the whole college of letters and science, which encompasses music, humanities, science, etc) have this idea that even doctoral students should have a "diverse" education, so you have to pick a minor that's not directly related to your degree program. i'm a collaborative piano student, so i can't minor in harpsichord or piano pedagogy, even though these things would be more useful to me. i studied them anyway; it's just more work.

looking forward to reading your list when you post it!
Jenn Hacker said…
So what is your doctoral minor?
Suze said…
jenn, it's musicology.

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