A couple of random updates

The mouse situation (I would link, but I've had to write, like, four posts on this already...): We bought a couple more traps on Sunday, along with a plug-in thing that looks like an air-freshener, but actually emits sound undetectable to the human ear that is supposed to repel mice. Since then we've seen none, despite the warning on the package that we "may see increased activity" as the vermin is driven out of their hiding places (shudder, shudder), and we've caught none in the traps. I'm taking the optimistic, if naive, view that we are rid of them, for now.

The baby situation: I almost wish I hadn't published that last post. It was whiny and full of self-pity and it's not like my experience is unique. I won't delete it, though, because I was also being honest. Anyway, I went to studio class this afternoon, where Daniel was a little angel, even when I was playing and someone else was holding him. Immediately after, I went to visit a friend whose 3yo had just thrown a mammoth tantrum and whose sister-in-law was in town with her 2mo son (any friends of Claire reading this - baby Ben is really, really cute!) and Daniel was great there, too. He wanted to grab baby Ben's face but it was all well-intended and he didn't shriek or whine the whole time. Right now he's playing with Disco Daddy Stu and being very cute.


Jenn Hacker said…
You're an exhausted mother who is juggling many, many things. You are entitled to whine occassionally, just as you are entitled to find a Mommy's Day Out program so you can have some alone time. That is advice I myself don't take nearly often enough, so I feel qualified to tell you to do it. Love ya!
annalu alulu said…
Disco Daddy Stu?
Suze said…
you know disco stu from the simpsons? it's derived from that. even though, you know, disco stu doesn't advertise.
Becca said…
Hell no! Disco Stu sure don't!

Let yourself post if you need to post. Sometimes blowing off steam helps. I've been feeling very similarly, lately--I love my boy, and I miss him during the week, but I had a string of days of trying to work from home while caring for him while he was sick, caring him while I was sick, and just needed a break from everybody! I went to lunch with Jay last Friday and that helped, and I have 11/3-11/6 coming off that I have vacation days for (had some leftover days to burn). I'm looking forward to it! I may keep CJ home on the Monday, but he loves daycare so much I won't feel bad if I decide to send him on after having the weekend with him.

I almost wish I had your problem right now--CJ is hitting the terrible twos two months early, and hitting them hard. Seems like the past few days nothing I do pleases him. He hits, he swats, he throws tantrums, and I'm frustrated because I can't read his mind. Daddy, on the other hand, is golden almost always. It's puzzling. I know we'll get through it, and sometimes, CJ breaks out of his brattiness to do something really cute, like climb on the couch to give me kisses, or drag a laundry basket into his room, dump his hamper into it, and drag the basket back to the laundry room.

I should end the hijack here--sorry about that. I just wanted to say you shouldn't feel bad, there's lots of good advice to follow, and good luck on your grad work!

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