The best part about waking up...

Remember that mouse? And that other mouse?

He had friends.

And they came looking for him.

Since those incidents, I found a dead mouse in the trap Stuart set in the basement. Then I discovered a package of noodles that had been ripped open. Only 1/4 of the noodles were left, and there was a healthy pile of mouse turds on the shelf by the package.

And then this morning. Oh, this morning. It all started when I was putting some dishes away and noticed suspicious tiny dark brown pellets in one of the bottom cupboards. "Are these mouse turds?" I began to ask, but before I could finish my query, I saw a shadow scuttling into the dark. At first I thought it might be a bug, but no, it had a tail.

To my credit, I didn't scream or even squeal, though I did slam the cupboard shut and jump onto a chair.

The events that followed made me completely lose my appetite for breakfast. Stuart set the trap in the cupboard, we heard it snap a few minutes later, and he had to drown the poor thing in a bucket because for whatever reason, the trap didn't kill it.

All this time, Stu made the espresso, brewed some coffee for the thermos, and I was feeding Daniel his breakfast of peach mush, banana mush and rice cereal flakes.

After the drowning, but before the coffee was ready, we caught Daniel drinking from the sippy cup all by himself for the first time. It may have been an accident, but we're still proud of him.

Then Stuart left for work and I was left to change the mother of all poopy diapers.

It's been an eventful morning.


Jenn Hacker said…
How did the little tyke sleep last night? How did Mamma sleep?

That's awesome that Daniel did the sippy cup by himself!

I told you where there's one mouse, there are usually a hundred you can't see. You need a good mouser for a couple of weeks. (Easy for me to say. I'm severely allergic, so never will have to deal with the things - well, other than the feral cats around the apartment complex).

Have a good day, girlie!
Suze said…
he did better, thanks! i gave him the t-shirt i wore yesterday as a security blanket. that may have helped.

the weather's getting colder, so maybe that's part of hte mouse thing. yuck, yuck, yuck.
Anonymous said…
Believe me, there are worse things to write about.
annalu alulu said…
Wow! The t-shirt was an awesome idea!

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