Eye-candy Friday: can you guess what this is?


Anonymous said…
It is an ugly Shuggoth feasting on your sanity preparing the way for Shub Niggurath and Cthulhu to wake from R'lyeh. THE GREAT OLD ONES ARE COMING!!! THE GREAT OLD ONES ARE COMING!!!

Mi-Go, Mi-Go
Mi-Go, Mi-Go
Mi-Go, Mi-Go

Find Abdul Al-Haz'red!!

I have said too much. There is no hope. Angles all wrong, what? hgragrrrgghhha……
Suze said…
who are you, anon? show thyself!
Jenn Hacker said…
Methinks that may be Roy. It sounds like a Roy thing to say.

Is that a mutated hens-and-chicks plant? Is it some strange variation of kohl rabi?

What do I get if I guess right?
Jenn Hacker said…
I can tell it's part of the cabbage family by the stalk in your palm... Other than that... I'm clueless!
canadahauntsme said…
Animal, vegetable, or mineral?

Did it walk into your yard on its own?
Suze said…
yes, i suspect roy myself, but i'd like to know for sure.
i hadn't thought of a prize...let's see who gets it right!
Suze said…
oh, and joe, to answer your question: vegetable.

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