Where have I been?

1. Daniel is officially crawling, as of last Saturday. His version of crawling is a lopsided bear-walk, and his main goal is to get to anything vertical, anything at all, upon which he might be able to pull himself up to standing. The piano, the piano bench, kitchen chairs, the doorway, the computer desk, the bookcases my dad built, my leg - any of these things will do as far as he's concerned. So now I'm spending a good bit of time making sure he doesn't push all the buttons on the DVD player, pull all the CDs off the shelf or drool all over the sound system.

2. I started a knitting blog! Why? Heaven knows I don't have lots of extra time, and on some level, knitting blogs annoy me, but I did it anyway. I want to document the things I make, since most of them are given away as gifts and most have a small story to tell. I doubt many people will read the new blog, since most of y'all aren't knitters and would be bored with it. And that's OK. We'll see how long I stick with it.

3. I have a doctoral recital three weeks from Saturday, which means the time I pay someone else to chase Daniel around I'm in rehearsals, lessons, or studio class. I think the Mozart's going to do me in.


Jenn Hacker said…
Suze, you're entitled to a life outside the blogging sphere. Just make sure you aren't away too long. Break a leg on your recital!
Becca said…
Better the Mozart that the Jack Daniels, I guess. Good luck!

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