Blizzard, part the first

We woke up with seven brand new inches of snow on the ground. We're expecting another foot or so tonight. The NWS issued a warning that ended like this: "This will be a very dangerous situation. If you leave the safety of indoors... you are putting your life at risk. Travel is not recommended tonight and Sunday."

Here's a path we dug in the back yard to the shed.

Here are some poor, dead, dried-up sunflowers that I never pulled up at the end of the summer (you might call it "lazy gardening" and I might call it "the natural beauty of dried plants"), bravely poking through the snow in the front yard.

One loner off to the side I wrapped up in a scarf I recently made, so it wouldn't feel too cold and lonely...

...though on second thought, it looks better on the birch tree.


Animal said…
MUCH better on the birch tree! (Although dressing ANY plants in your lovely knitted creations certainly belongs on your "6 Weird Things" list!)

I narrowly escaped being trapped in Dubuque by fleeing the advancing storm - any my conference! - a day early. As it was, my flight from Dubuque to O'Hare was cancelled yesterday, so I shared a partly-precipitious drive with another composer across upper Illinois to Chicago, from there to fly uneventfully across the lake to Grand Rapids.

HOME! Yay.
Suze said…
you mean it's not normal to wrap various knitted objects around plants in one's yard and take pictures? huh. well, i guess that explains why stuart said to daniel as they were watching me from the front door "your mama's a little CUCKOO!"

glad you made it home safe, animal.

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