Blizzard, part the second

How to dig yourself out of a blizzard in 10 easy steps:

1. Marvel at the strangeness of seeing lightning and hearing thunder while watching snow fall from the sky.

2. Notice that the deck, which was completely clear a few hours ago, has another several inches of snow on it. Mutter curses.

3. Attempt to open the back door. Notice that door is blocked by heavy, wet snow. Spend three minutes kicking enough snow out of the way just to get outside. Mutter curses.

4. Start shoveling snow off the deck, notice that shoveling the wet, heavy snow is back-breaking work. Curse a little louder while only clearing off a narrow path between the door and the steps.

5. Spend 10 minutes clearing off the car to move it out of the way for the snow plow. Express desire for a garage.

6. Ponder the irony of spending 5 minutes almost getting stuck in the pile of snow at the end of the driveway while trying to get out of the way for the snow plow.

7. Dig a path in the back yard. Happily pose for wife so she can take a picture "for the blog."

8. Notice that since you've started the whole digging process, it has snowed another inch. Give up on cursing.

9. Marvel at the new mountain range created at the end of the driveway.

10. Make some hot chocolate. Throw in an ounce or so of vodka just to see what it's like. Not bad. Not bad at all.


Anonymous said…
Lotsa cursing. And muttered too. Seems pretty ineffectual. The vodka sounds like a better solution.

LOL! That's great!

Drat. I miss snow. I'm not meant to be a Texan.
Animal said…
Vodka makes EVERYTHING better! ;-)

So does a snowblower.
andre said…
Just remember, snowblowers and vodka *don't* mix!

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