If I Were Rich...

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I have a confession to make: Stuart and I play the lottery. By this I mean we buy a $1 Powerball ticket once every three or four months. It's hardly breaking the bank and far from qualifying as a gambling problem. But it's fun to hold that little slip of paper, waiting for the numbers to come up, and fantasize about what we're going to do with our millions once we win. Of course, we never actually win, and we're never actually disappointed when we don't. It's just fun to be goofy once in a while.

So here's what I would do if I had a lot of money (after the obvious boring stuff like paying off the mortgage and putting enough in a savings account for our child(ren) to attend a 4-year private college.)

1. I would build the coolest green friendly house ever with solar panels and geo-thermal heating and cooling and a rain water collection system, and it would have a huge sunny yard for a garden and maybe a goat and some chickens.

2. I would purchase a nice grand piano to put in it.

3. I just might spring for nice French wine every once in a while instead of 3-buck Chuck.

4. I would make it my personal mission to keep every local yarn store in business.

5. I would give some money to the UW School of Music so they could buy some really good Baroque string instruments. Yup, I would really do that.

6. I would buy myself a pair of bad-ass Doc Martens, the kind that are boots.

7. I would travel all over the world and learn at least two new languages. Heck, maybe three.

8. I would pay someone to invent a car that runs on compost.

9. I would buy Stuart some new corduroy pants, since all of his are nearly worn through in the knees. I'll probably do this even if we don't win the lottery.

10. I would buy Pam some new socks :)

11. I would buy the entire "Great Pianists of the Twentieth Century" series of recordings. I don't even know how many CDs that is, but it's a lot, more than 50.

12. I would get my hair cut at the kind of fancy salon where you get a scalp massage with your shampoo.

Anyone else care to do this? You're it!


Mrs. Ann said…
Do you get free time with the money? I have a tip for the scalp massage: when you're traveling all over the world, you can swing by a mall in Thailand and hop into a salon and get a shampoo with scalp massage (maybe about 10 minutes), haircut, and style all for about $5 US. No joke.
Anonymous said…
Well, you know why my pants are worn through at the knees? It's all the praying!

Anonymous said…
I would also like to point out that I submitted one of my three pairs of cords to a certain someone with a request to sew up the tear, some months back, oh, maybe six to nine? *That* pair is not worn through at the knees, but sadly, is not exactly wearable in its current state.

Suze said…
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Suze said…
it could be, my dear husband, that your sad, SAD pair of cords has been collecting dust unmended for some time now entirely because of my negligence...or it could be that you just can't accept the fact that they are beyond all help. i can patch the seam this time, but how long until the knees give out? hmm? and then the crotch? no amount of prayer on your knees or otherwise is going to help you when THAT happens.
LOL! You guys are so funny.

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