Why You Shouldn't Do Business at US Bank

I read this post over at Blooming Yaya yesterday and was appalled, though sadly not too surprised, at the way this woman was treated when she dared walk into a bank with her small children.

You know, a whole LOT of us are mothers and have to - gasp! - go out in public with our children. You might think treating a mother with no respect in a place of business may not come back to haunt you because you might think mothers have little or no real economic power in this society. You might want to think again. Mothers talk. We also blog. A lot of us are smart and supportive of each other. And we certainly take into account the way we are treated when we decide where we take our business.


Places like that make me wish I still had a kid in diapers. Then I could go in US Bank right after my babe filled his/her diaper with brown goo, then ask where the rest room is so I can change him/her. When they say there is no public restroom, I'd say, oh, that's okay, then proceed to change my little angel right in the middle of the lobby. Then I'd find the nearest trash can and deposit the stinky diaper there so the wonderful aroma can waft all through the lobby. [sigh] Maybe one day my wish will be fulfilled. LOL!
Becca said…
The only US Bank I know of here is inside the Safeway near my house. I'm pretty happy with my current bank of six years--I don't see switching anytime soon. But if I do, it won't be to US Bank.

I remember as a kid when Mom and Dad would take me to Farmer's Bank on Main Street--the tellers would have Dad set me in the window so they could smile at me and give me lollipops, and on more than one occasion, I got to run around inside the vault. We've come a long way.
andre said…
One more reason to go with credit unions, as if they're weren't enough already.
Animal said…
Jenn, that's a great idea. While I hope I never have to endure such shoddy treatment...the little kid part of me hopes that I can use your Stinky Diaper Technique sometime in the next couple of years!
jen said…
That's really unfortunate, because I've always had great experiences at US Bank. In fact, the branch we go to most has toys for kids of all ages, coloring books, and super-nice tellers. The other branch we use most has the same. I feel really bad for this woman, but if we boycotted every company that had asshat employees at single locations, there wouldn't be much of anywhere to do business anymore.

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