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I'm too bleary-eyed from stress and insomnia and late-pregnancy discomfort (I'll spare you details) to write anything useful or interesting right now, but here are a couple things to check out in case anyone's interested:

1. My exit recital is this Sunday at 6:30pm in Morphy Hall in the Humanities Building on the UW campus. If you attend, you'll be treated to a Bach sonata with a really excellent baroque violinist, those Harbison pieces I played at Songfest over the summer, a Brahms 4-hand piece with another pianist who is exactly as pregnant as I am (we're using two benches), and some unpublished songs that were part of my dissertation project. Also, there will be snacks afterwards, courtesy of my mom and dad. Yes, my parents will be there! So you can meet them, too.

2. I was featured in a Capital Times article about moms in Madison who blog. You can read it here. I haven't seen the print version, but apparently my picture is in it, though my mug is missing from the online version. That's okay with me. I feel like a blotchy, bloated whale by now anyway.*

All right, kids, I should either be writing program notes for Sunday or revising my paper, but I'm so tired and worn out I think I'm going to try and get a little catnap in before Daniel wakes up.

*ETA: My picture IS there. And I don't look like a whale in it, thank goodness. All you have to do is click on the link underneath the photo and you can see a picture of me and Daniel, along with a couple other bloggers interviewed for the story.


Pamela said…
Neat! :-)
Anonymous said…
Your picture IS there! Under the picture of the woman and her two sons is something about three images, click here for more. You are there. In front of a computer with Daniel on your lap.
Steph said…
It's a lovely picture of you, Suze! I like the haircut. :)

Nice article, too. I wonder if it's going to up your traffic at all.
Strangeite said…
Julia said…
That's cool! You two are cute in the pic. Good luck on your recital, I'll be thinking of you. PS you and I have the exact same hair style right now. I cut my hair a few weeks ago. Have a great thanksgiving!
Andre said…
Have fun, Suze! "Just do it" as those Nike folks used to say!
Thorny said…
Good luck at your recital!!!

Also, what a cool article! How fun that you and Daniel could be a part of it.

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