So my defense was this morning. It went okay, though I have some rather significant revisions to do before my committee signs the official stuff. I was hoping today would feel like a bigger deal, but I should have known ain't over till it's over.


Andre said…
This is not unusual. Please stick with it. . You've gone too far to get discouraged now. The worst really is behind you. This actually is the most crucial time because folks too often lose hope in the face of revisions. . But you are closer than you may feel, trust me.

wishing you continued encouragement!
Steph said…
You know my editing and proofreading eyes are at your service for any future drafts, particularly if you need help getting the intro and/or conclusion to do their jobs with the new content.

I bet getting more in depth on performance issues like they asked will go relatively fast. You've done the heavy lifting already from performing the music, and you're plenty articulate on performance issues. (I suppose it would be smug to suggest that you might even enjoy it--that's probably too much to assume at this stage. ;) )

Hang in there. Few people come out of their defenses skipping and singing oh what a beautiful morning. I thought the paper you defended was great, and I know you can do a fabulous final draft too.
Pamela said…
Congratulations on getting through your defense! I wish you peace, confidence, and lots of positive energy as you make your way through these revisions. You'll be great!
Ditto what they all said. You're almost there!
eusebius said…
Hi Susan. I can't believe I didn't find you until now (because Chris Foley linked you). Congrats on finishing your defense. Don't worry about the revisions!! Everyone (with rare exceptions) has to do them. I felt a big letdown at the end of my defense too. No one even wanted to go for lunch!! I am looking forward to reading more about you, your family and career.
Erika (knitter, mom, collaborative pianist, musicologist)
Animal said…
After I finished my defense, I waited anxiously in the hallway while my committee deliberated in the conference room. Although, probably all they did was tell theory "jokes" at each other. When the time was up, one of my members (who isn't known for his scintillating sense of humor) came out with a very somber look on his face and said "Well, I'm afraid we have some bad news..." He let this dangle just long enough for me to shrivel up inside before finishing his sentence: "...From now on, your students will have to call you DR. Harding!" Funny guy. Yah.

Congrats on your milestone; revisions aside, I believe the worst of this is behind you.

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