random Monday

1. My recital was last night. It went well, some people showed up to see it, my parents brought excellent snacks for the reception, and moving the harpsichord to the concert hall didn't make me go into labor, so all in all, I would say it was a success. My little Daniel was there, and while I don't think he lasted too long in the audience before getting squirmy and disruptive, he still saw a good part of the performance from the back of the hall behind a glass window. During the last set of pieces, I heard his distinctive little voice saying "BYE BYEEEE! BYE BYEEEEE!" and I nearly cracked up.

2. All that stands between me and my doctorate is some revisions on my dissertation paper. Well, and subsequent signatures from my committee and some other paperwork, but really, I'm almost Doctor Susan.

3. Or how about Doctor Crazy Pregnant Lady? Because seriously, folks, there are all of six weeks until my due date and right now, despite the school stuff I have to wrap up in that time, it feels like an eternity. I have many complaints, but chief among the ones I'm willing to tell you about are that I can't sleep and my feet and shoulders itch so badly I'm scratching them raw, even though I (should) know better. I haven't worn socks since October. It's like I took a bath in poison ivy essential oil, only there's no rash. It looks like I have fleas or something.

4. Even though I'm finishing up this semester, Stuart has applied for Special Student Status at UW for next semester. Not, you know, "special"--just not full time. Three years after bailing out of a PhD program in biological neuroscience (you've gotta really love rat brains to be in that field, and he really didn't), he wants to register for a Computer Science course to beef up his programming skillz. It's like we just can't quite be free of higher education, huh?

5. I learned a few days ago that Craig Smith died. He was the Bach guru at SongFest, a musician of enormous knowledge, a kind man. He was in quite poor health in June when I met him, so news of his death was not too surprising. Even though I only knew him for a week or so, I'm very sad to hear that he's gone. A long obituary is here on the website for the Emmanuel Church in Boston, where Craig worked for many years.


Pamela said…
Yay, Susan!! I wish I could have been at your recital. I'm sure it was awesome. Are you able to take baths? Are there any good bath soaks that would help? (I've got baths on the brain...)

Yay, Stu!! Congratulations on enrolling to do more schooling. I hear from a very knowledgeable source that Computer Science is a kick-ass field to be in. Good luck. :-)

Yay, Daniel!! You get a yay for no reason at all other than that you're a very cute and smart kid. :-)
Andre said…
Congrats on the recital Suze! All my best for the timely dispatching of your revisions.

And Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

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