I'm going just a bit batty these days, but it's in a good way, mostly. (Occasionally, the sleep-deprivation and late pregnancy hormones gang up on me and I lose my temper for no reason, but that hasn't happened too often). My defense is tomorrow and my recital is in a week and I have a million things going through my head, like:

1. One Very Official Document I have to get signed requires that my name and the title of my dissertation and defense date be typed on it, not hand-written. It's on 25% rag-content paper with a watermark and came straight from the graduate school, so I've got one shot to send it through the printer correctly. Of course, I'll measure it all and run some practice scrap paper through, but it all feels like so much pressure it's stressing me out WAY more than it should. Plus, the printer isn't communicating with the computer for some reason.

2. Everyone I know brings snacks and coffee for their committee to their final defense. Should I bake cinnamon rolls? Cookies? Pretzels? Pick up some bagels? Or maybe it's just the suck-ups that do this? Gahhhh. (I brought a huge batch of homemade pretzels to my prelim oral exams and they ate two of 'em.)

3. I'm calculating the minimum amount of time I can spend practicing the harpsichord and still pull off this Bach sonata. Right now I'm banking on about two hours of rehearsal and two or three hours of practicing in the next week. It better be enough because that's all I'm going to get.

4. I better make some posters advertising this recital or no one will come to it. I better do that TODAY.

5. The clutter in certain areas of the house is driving me BATSHIT INSANE, but I don't have time to clean it up. I can blame exactly 0% of it on Stuart. It's all my stuff piled up on top of the piano, on the coffee table and in the office.

6. I have to bake bread every two or three days now because that is ALL Daniel is eating, at least for this week. The kid goes through about 2/3 of a loaf in any given day. I put applesauce and vegetables and all manner of yummy things in front of him, and he studiously ignores it all in favor of whole wheat bread.


Anonymous said…
Oma and I could help you clean up when we come. Should I pack a shovel? It sounds like it is getting pretty deep.

Honestly. Don't worry about the mess. Just give the tyke to Oma and all will be right with the world.

Also. Should I pack my almost 48-year old manual typewriter? I have used it more then once in the past year to fill out forms and the like, when a computer printer just doesn't work well at all. On second thought, maybe the type size or font would not fit the grad school's requirements.

About 40 years ago I wish I would have put down the dollar or so to have a copy made of an old railroad map. The original was made in 1880 or 1890 or maybe as late as 1900. Basically before typewriters and definitely before computer aided drafting. Some of the most beautiful hand lettering I have ever seen. Ink on paper; or perhaps it was linen. It was a work of art.

Suze said…
Opa, I need to type in that stuff before tomorrow morning, so don't bother :)
Thorny said…
Good luck tomorrow! Kick their butts! Or, y'know, victorious metaphor of your choice. :D

I'm sure you'll do great!

Also, you know I sympathize on the dining foibles of small children issue - my two have been obsessed with candy ever since Halloween (this was the first year they 'got' what it was all about whatsoever). You'd think I was the meanest mom in the world for not letting them eat Dots until they threw up. grin!!

Hopefully Daniel will soon choose something a little less labor-intensive for Mom as his Eating Obsession du Jour. :)
You could always put applesauce in the bread, or make squash bread, etc. etc. etc. Don't worry about this week's eating foibles. They too shall pass.

Big hugs, and good luck!
Pamela said…
Good luck, Suze!!

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