I am just a little bit frazzled today because I woke up at 7:00 having regular contractions every 5 minutes. After an hour and a half of that, I started calling all the people I need to call--a sitter for Daniel, the clinic, the doula--and Stuart called in to work saying he might not be in today.

I also canceled my appointment with the graduate school to deposit all my Official Papers in order to graduate this month. Tomorrow is the deadline. If I don't get this stuff in tomorrow, I don't graduate until May. Now, this technically isn't a big deal because I wouldn't have to register for the spring semester or pay tuition or anything; it's just that the degree isn't awarded until the end of spring term. But to me it's kind of a big deal to get this all wrapped up and officially done with in 2007. It's just tidier that way, no dangling ends. Doctorate and baby, all in the same month.*

And then, of course of course OF COURSE, the contractions became less frequent, though no less intense. Another false alarm? Maybe. I don't really know yet. In any case, I sent Stuart to work, called off the sitter, and told the doula not to meet us at the hospital yet.

So I'm frustrated that I don't know whether I'm really in labor or not. I'm exhausted because I only got about three hours of sleep last night, no thanks to insomnia. And also, the contractions haven't stopped; they've just gotten less frequent. I had a big one in the middle of a poopy diaper change. That was fun, believe me.

Thank goodness Stuart's workplace is pretty close to where we live, so he can come home quickly if I need him to. Thank goodness we have an awesome doula who has called me every few days to check in and be supportive since last weekend's false alarm. Thank goodness I have not one, but two people at the ready to watch Daniel when we need to leave. Thank goodness my bag is actually packed this time.

Now, it's just time to wait.

*When I spoke to the secretary at the graduate school, she said I could have someone turn my things in my proxy, so I might have Stuart take care of it tomorrow if I'm in the hospital. I'm not kidding about this. I want my #$*%ing doctorate, damnit!


Pamela said…
My first thought (before reading your note at the bottom) was that you should just have somebody else turn in your paperwork for you. Bureaucracy is so annoying. Good luck! :-) I'll be thinking of you.
katie said…
well, false or not, you know you're making some kind of progress with the baby. one day you'll probably chuckle over the stress of all the timing, but maybe that doesn't help now. . . thank goodness you have all the support you do!
Strangeite said…
Good luck. Don't let the bureaucratic machine get you down.
katie said…
this post has gotten me checking your blog many times a day. . . now i'm waiting for a baby announcement. i guess if it's not coming now, i'm just that much more symphathetic about your waiting. hmmmm.

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