There's someone I'd like you to meet

This is Anya.

She introduced herself to us at 1:50am on December 14, a full 16 days before her due date.

I was so relieved.

I had this great post planned with clever references to how I finally drank a whole beer this evening and how I won't get my diploma until May because with being in the hospital having a baby and everything I didn't get my paperwork turned in, but I'm sure that you understand I'm a little too tired now to put something together that's all witty and fun.

All the same, I'm sure you'd like a few of the deets, so here's a little Q&A for ya!


8lbs, 2 oz (See why I'm glad she was early?! Good Lord, can you imagine how big she would have been on time!!?)


From whence the name Anya?

Dunno. We just like it. Buffy fans may suspect otherwise, I realize.

Length of labor?

That's a little hard to say. As I despaired in my last post, I was getting contractions at 7:15 the morning of Dec. 13, but they were on and off for a while. They finally started without letting up around 6:00 that evening, and she was born just before 2:00am, so I'd put it around 8 hours.

You'd better believe it. Never go into labor without a doula, I say. Ours, the same one who assisted when Daniel was born, is pure genius with the rice pack and massage and focus on the breathing and the whole bit.

Was amazing. Simply amazing.

Not a one. Everything happened quickly enough I didn't need them.

How is Daniel doing?
He is doing just fine. He's been saying "Anya Anya Anya" nonstop since we got home today, and he touches her head ever so gently and he's going to be a superb big brother, I can just tell.

And how is Anya doing?
Just fabulous. She latched on perfectly from the start, and basically sleeps all the time as long as someone is holding her, and by the way isn't she just so perfect? (I'm her mother. I'm allowed to say that.)


jen said…
One of my favorite things about new babies is how they look like little old men. "Who's that?" Andy asked me. "That's Anya." "That's a MAN!" he said. Much laughter (and correction, no worries) ensued.

Much love to your family, and kisses to the new one. Enjoy the sweet new baby smell :)
Claire said…
I really don't mean to sound cheesy and all, but seeing her and reading about her big brother being so gentle brought tears to my eyes. I can't wait to see the little thing soon!
Julia said…
Hey Susan! Congrats! Even with middle of the night interruptions, I hope that you're finally getting more sleep than before! Anya is so beautiful!
eusebius said…
Congratulations to the happy family! Welcome, Anya!!
Strangeite said…
Tooz said…
She is beautiful. I know Oma and Opa must be delighted, as well as Stu's parents. Congratulations to all concerned.
Andre said…
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Andre said…
Congratulations on the birth of your Anya! I couldn't be happier for you! As a loyal reader to your blog, I know it's been quite a journey for you and your family getting to this moment. . and to think the journey is just beginning.

The same of course can be said for your degree. So again I offer congratulations, DOCTOR. You can turn in your paperwork anytime, but when you've defended and your committee has signed off on your revisions, you're done. You should get a little piece of paper from the academic records and dissertations office at your school once the paperwork is turned in. .It may not look like much, but it will certify that you've completed all the requirements for your degree. That document is binding, and as good as any fancy-looking diploma.

Continued health and prosperity to you and your family!!
Pamela said…
CONGRATULATIONS! I'm SO happy for you! -- for all of you!
katie said…
wonderful! many congratulations to all. enjoy these tender days.
Becca said…
Welcome, Anya! I had by suspicions that she might make an early entrance....

And this Buffy fan thinks Anya is a very nice name.
denise said…
Congrats! How wonderful and beautiful.
Anonymous said…
Suze, Congratulations. Ohhh, She is adorable. I'm glad all went well.
Steph said…
I would give just about anything right now to be there watching Daniel pat her on the head and say "Anya, Anya, Anya."

Love you all.
She's gorgeous! Congrats! I'm very happy for you guys.

Big hugs to you all!
Thorny said…
OMG, I can't believe I'm so behind on my Bloglines I just read this now. I'm so late! But regardless: Congratulations!!!

Wow. She really is just /so/ beautiful.

Congrats, Suze, and I'm glad the birth went pretty quickly and smoothly for you. That's wonderful news, too!
Animal said…
She is amazingly wonderfully holy-CRAPedly beautiful!! Good for you, Stu & the Danimal.

And I think the name is perfect...and no, I did NOT name my daughter after one-half of the lesbian lovers who founded Cicely, Alaska. Ahem.
Mrs. Allroro said…
Yay! I am so happy for your family! Welcome, Anya!

Now me and Daniel will have to have another wedding while you happen to be in town so I can meet her!
sher said…
Your Aunt Sherry and Uncle Norm think you have the most fabulous Christmas present ever!
Congratulations to you, Stuart and Daniel.

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