Are you guys sick of hearing me go on about pregnancy and dissertation? Me, too.

But this is good news, and it's quick, so here goes. I just talked to my teacher/adviser/mentor a few minutes ago, and she LIKES my revisions and REALLY LIKES my paper. Do you know what this means? I really am DONE with the writing!! Tonight I'll need to scan it for typos and patch all the revisions in and spend god knows how much getting it all printed at Kinko's (I need, like, 7 copies, and it's at least 80 pages long by now). Yes, that will all take a couple of hours, but it's a HUGE relief to know that the only work I have left is basically busy work. No more agonizing at 2:00 in the morning with Word open and staring me in the face. No more guilt over knitting or blogging when I could be writing.

I think by next Friday you'll be able to call me "Dr. Susan."


Mrs. Aluhu said…
Squeal! Clap!
Animal said…
Way cool, Suze. Congrats! :-)
Strangeite said…
To quote Jamethan:

"O - M - G!!! That is soooooo awesome!"

Congratulations, Dr. Suze!
Pamela said…
Yay! Congratulations! :-)
Anonymous said…
Cheer. Cheer. Cheer.

But do you realize how much easier life has become with the use of word processors and photocopy machines???

Andre said…
Excellent!! Be sure to let us know when it's official and you get your certification paper!

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