a list of lists

This is my little reward for finishing another batch of revisions today. More writing! (Hey, wait, that doesn't make much sense. Huh.)

5 things I want to do before 2008

1. have this baby
2. drink a beer (Stuart is saving me a whole six-pack of Oberson, bless him) (notice that this is contingent on #1)
3. see the movie Superbad
4. finish at least one knitting project I've started in the last two months
5. take Daniel to the children's museum with my friend Stephanie

5 things I need to do this week

1. finish revising my paper
2. turn in my paper
3. drop off Very Important Paperwork at the school of music and hope my committee actually signs it this time (see #1 and #2 about finishing the paper to make this possible)
4. pack a bag to take to the hospital, just in case (ha!)
5. clean off at least one flat surface in this house that has been taken over by god-knows-what, probably just junk mail and library books, but it's really starting to get on my nerves (can you say "nesting"?)

5 things I need to do tomorrow

1. make bread
2. go to the grocery store so we have something to eat besides yellowed broccoli and ice cubes
3. revise another section of my paper
4. go to the library and pick up a book which I am not allowed to read until my revisions are done, but said book will be placed on the desk next to the computer as an enticement to get my butt moving
5. scrub the kitchen floor--when your 22-month-old son is pointing out all the gross spots, you know it's time

5 links you should go check out

1. Steph's most recent post on her tradition of watching the entire LOTR trilogy in one weekend, and this year's added bonus of re-casting the entire thing in drag. She needs suggestions. Go forth and offer them (Feral Mom, if you're reading this, I just have a feeling that would be right up your alley...)
2. Pam just put up some of the songs we recorded on her MySpace page. Go listen to us!
3. OK, I lied. That's only two links. But hey, if there are three of you out there with something interesting or funny or poignant to share, leave a note in comments, and I'll add it on.

5 baby names that were not only rejected, but mocked heavily (note: this list is not in any way comprehensive, as there are a lot of seriously funky names out there)

1. Arkansas
2. Blue
3. Duff
4. Anise
5. Dorcas

and now, evidence that this is the lamest post ever...a list of 5 more lists I need to make
1. groceries to purchase tomorrow morning
2. Christmas presents--what's taken care of and what isn't
3. names and addresses of everyone I owe thank-yous for this semester
4. stuff to take to the hospital, cause I can't really remember what all you're supposed to have with you...all I remember is a change of clothes for me, some decent shampoo (the stuff in the hospital sux), and something for the baby to wear coming home
5. all the other stuff I need to do but will probably forget unless I write it down


katie said…
I liked how this post told us a lot about your current life. It was a creative way of giving us a peek into not only your life, but your thoughts!

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