two things done, one still pending


The Dissertation

Revised copies have been distributed to each member of my committee. Theoretically, they will read through it and let me know if they find any mistakes, but I'd be surprised if they did much more than skim it, considering 1) it's 82 pages long, 2) my major professor has already read and approved it, and 3) it's the end of the semester and they're all preparing finals and grading term papers and the like.

Stuart made AWESOME bread this weekend, and it's the easiest recipe ever. It takes a while but requires no kneading. Stuart concurs with Mark Bittman's assessment that a six year old could make this bread. And it's so delicious: crusty on the outside, chewy on the inside...we scarfed a bunch of it down for lunch today. There's a video tutorial right here, so now you can make some, too.


You guessed it...
There's nothing that can try a person's patience like false labor. Dudes, we really thought it was happening this weekend. I started having contractions Thursday night and they were on and off for the next 36 hours before stopping completely. I've felt nary a twinge since yesterday morning. Even though I've got three weeks to go before the due date and should therefore be exhibiting more patience, I admit I'm having kind of a hard time, though today is better than yesterday. Yesterday sucked. I felt like someone put all my emotions into a blender and made me drink the whole cocktail in one big gulp.


Sending patient thoughts your way. Not too long to go now!
Animal said…
Mmmm, cocktails. Aren't you just SO ready for one?!? I can't even comprehend finishing my dissertation without barrels of Shiraz. Heh. Best of luck.

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