some pictures of the little man

He loves his juice.

Learning about static electricity:

very excited about a new stuffed kitty a friend of mine gave him:

Watching football with Stu. Yeah, I don't know what he's pointing at or why. Just use your imagination (maybe it's a guy thing...):


Steph said…
That static balloon one just stopped my heart. I had to remind myself that when I'm just looking at a picture there's no way to hear it pop.

He's such a grinner. You and Joe were like that for the camera too when you were small. I see both of you in his face right now.
Suze said…
ohhh, Steph, I had totally forgotten about that! Sorry :)
Pamela said…
Very cute! I love it when you post pictures! :-)
Steph said…
well, heck. i braved the food co-op the other day and there were balloons up near the cash register AND at the end of the aisles and even though i wanted to run FAR AWAY, i did not, and i did not lose my cool. i do confess to a slightly racing pulse. so i should be able to handle a picture. ;)

dude, the worst is kids with balloons. it's not so bad if they're up out of everyone's reach, but when they are in the hands of small children it's still hard for me to not freak out.

yes, i am messed up.
Animal said…
Pretty cute.
I don't think he looks like he's pointing at anything, so much as just playing with his belly button. Jamie used to have a major fascination with his belly button and would play with it all the time at that age.

Adorable pictures!

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