A few random things

First, a plug for some good posts on blogs I read:

1. "a little peace" on Steph's blog about dealing with everyday anxiety and thankfulness. This one's worth printing out and putting on your fridge (I did).

2. "The Power Scares Me" on the Yarn Harlot. This post starts out about knitting but turns into a impassioned essay about breastfeeding and how there is not enough support for breastfeeding among disadvantaged women. There's also a plug in there for knitting hats to benefit a program designed to help low-income women with breastfeeding, and I plan to contribute. Even if you're a non-knitter, this is a good read.

Secondly, we're going to Kansas for a week. Why, oh why now, when the weather is so beautiful (warm, sunny, but not hot) in Madison and so not beautiful (blazingly, unforgivingly hot, and it's not even the hottest time of year yet) in Kansas? Well, that's just how the timing worked out. We'll be visiting various family, showing off the kid, that kind of thing.

Thirdly, I have pictures of the new piano, but the camera cable is all packed up so you maybe need to wait a couple days to see it. But trust me, it's beautiful. Every so often I stop what I'm doing to pet and admire it. Kind of like with Daniel. I like to kiss and adore him. It's one of my favorite things to do.


annalu alulu said…
Oo. I just had an idea. Maybe you can google the model and put up a link where we can see a picture of one just like yours, and then we can pet and admire our monitors right along with you.

Walnut sounds beautiful...don't know why.

isepmsn....that might be funny to some of you girls...it was to me. get it? i's not doing that right now, though

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