Is it me, or is this just wrong no matter how you look at it?

I just don't get it. I read in a BBC article U.S. troops are not to blame for abuse of Iraqi detainees because they "had received the wrong advice." The wrong advice about what? That stripping prisoners naked in a cold room and dousing them with water doesn't constitute as abuse? That putting them in cells too small to stand up or lie down isn't cruel? That feeding them only bread and water isn't inhumane? Common sense and a decent sense of morality would dictate otherwise. I know that military folks are trained to take orders, but if anyone ordered me to take someone's clothes off, hose him down, stick him in a cold room so small he can only kneel, feed him nothing but bread and water, and play blaring loud music for hours on end, I might just say, "Hold on a gosh darn minute. That's just not very nice." Personally, I'd rather go to jail myself than have that on my conscience, not to mention my record.

The boys at the top say the abuse is the result of a few bad apples, some rogue soldiers taking it too far. The boys at the bottom say they're just following orders and that such widespread abuse is only happening with the blessing of the powers that be in Washington.

I'm tired of this. Just stop the abuse already. It's making our country's bad global reputation worse, but far worse than that, human beings are suffering horribly as the result.


I can't just read this stuff and not react.


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