Yard work

We've been working on some minor landscaping issues recently. A little while back I posted about our poison ivy infestation. Stu sprayed a few weeks ago, but alas, a whole bloody field of it has since emerged in front of the house, and some of what he already sprayed isn't looking dead enough for our taste, so he'll probably have another go next weekend.

This spring I dug up some annoying ornamental hostas that were trying to take over the world and replaced them with gooseberry bushes. I envision us serving fresh gooseberry pie to our friends and saying airily, "Oh yes, well, the berries are just growing in the front." We have to kill the poison ivy that is entangling the gooseberry bushes first, though. Damn poison ivy.

I've also planted a vegetable garden. Remember the evil bunnies? There's no way they're getting under, over or through the fence I put up to protect my lettuce, spinach, chard, beets and carrots in the back yard. In the front yard, I planted other veggies that bunnies won't eat, like tomatoes, peppers and garlic. (In Madison, it's not unheard of to grow vegetables in your front yard if that's the only place you get enough sun.) I've worked like a dog working the soil by hand (the garden spaces are too small for a rototiller). Stuart and Daniel like to lounge in the yard while I dig with gusto:

Ho hum, sorry about the rather blah post (cute picture, though, no?), but we also painted Daniel's room today and did a million other things so I'm beat.


Jenn Hacker said…
Did you get the e-mail I sent you regarding global warming and poison ivy? It seems the more the earth heats up, the more insidious and allergenic the poison ivy plants will become. Gee, looks like the cockroaches and poison ivy will be the only life left on the planet!

I've got a garden down at my dad's house. We're doing the "lasagna garden" thing though - there's no tilling, no weedeating (or at least very little), hardly any work other than the initial preparation. So far it seems to be doing great. Our tomato plants are huge already! I'll let everyone know how it goes!
Suze said…
Yes, I read that comment. I actually heard about that on NPR a few days later. Ick, ick, ick. I guess we better nip that in the bud (so to speak) right now!
annalu alulu said…
i love that picture. what color did you paint the room?

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