We're done! I think. Today we painted our living room/hallway. Not a small task, as there was a whole lot of stuff to get out of the way. I think there are maybe two places to sit down in the house, and I'm occupying one of them. The rest are covered with drop cloths and miscellaneous crap that had to come off the bookshelves.

Because we had to move so much stuff, we ended up going through and deciding to get rid of some of it (mostly books.) There's something satisfying about that, getting rid of things that you really don't need. We live in a very small house, so it's necessary to do that on a fairly regular basis, especially since accumulating so many more things for the baby (most of which are needed items, but still.) Sometimes I wish we lived in a bigger house, but then we'd just find more crap to fill it with, and I have a hard enough time keeping our 900 square feet clean as it is.

Oh, and our living room isn't a nasty orange color after all. I found a lovely color with a dippy name - "Only Yesterday," it's called - that I would describe as either a creamy yellow or a yellowy cream. Joe, I know we could have gotten away with something more fun and daring, but I just couldn't decide. Next time we paint (a loooong time from now), you can help me choose!


Jenn Hacker said…
Sounds lovely! I still want your e-mail address! (There's a link on my blog where you can send me an e-mail, and therefore I will have your e-mail address, too!)

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