....to follow up on that last post..

This evening as our frazzled brains were about to shut down completely, I discovered, quite by accident, that Daniel finds endless amusement in hearing people say "whoop! whoop!" and seeing things tossed about. He has a purple toy hippo that I tossed in the air, accompanied by "whoop! whoop!", which sent him into gales of laughter. Hearing a baby laugh like that is the best sound in the world. It made up for (almost) the sleep issues of the last 3 days. We spent a good twenty minutes throwing everything we could find in the air (toys, rags, pillows) and generally acting like monkeys (except we didn't fling feces, but I bet he would have liked that, too), making him laugh so hard he got the hiccups.


annalu alulu said…
YAYYY! That's so fun.
Jenn Hacker said…
Now you know what to do next time he's fussy and inconsolable. See, I told you it would pass. And how cute is he, with his little tuft of hair sticking straight up!
annalu alulu said…
i love that picture so much

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