100 things: first installment

Steph did this on her blog, which I WOULD link to all clever-like, but even the tutorial for dumbasses on blogger.com didn't make sense to me, so I'll just give you the url directly: http://sweetwaterjournal.blogspot.com/2006/05/i-celebrate-birthday-by-doing-this.html

Anyway, she said I have to do it, too, so here I go. Of course, I can't ever get enough time to list 100 things at once (see previous post about little D's mini-naps), so I'll do it in installments of 10.*

1. I have a son named Daniel who is 3 1/2 months old.
2. He poops once a week (or less) and naps about 6 times a day.
3. I'm waiting for those stats to change to 6 poops a week and 2 naps a day.
4. I think a lot more about poop than I did 3 1/2 months ago.
5. The last poop began with a squirt and ended with me using the following tools: rubber gloves (hereafter designated the "poop gloves"), a 5-gallon bucket, the spray nozzle attachment at the end of the hose outside.
6. I have about 8 pounds of baby belly left to lose before I'm back to my original size. I recently read that Brooke Shields only gained 23 pounds with her last pregnancy, and that Katie Holmes, who gave birth at the same time and same hospital as Brooke Shields (about a month ago) boldly appeared in public even though she hasn't lost all the baby weight yet. Ohmigod. Spare me, already.
7. It's a good thing babies are more resilient than plants, because I planted green peppers in 16 peat pots, and only 3 have survived. They have fared much better than my multiple attempts at tomato and basil seedlings; they all died weeks ago.
8. Evil bunnies ate everything I planted last year that wasn't a tomato, a pepper or an herb. This year, I put up a fence. Ha!
9. I do enjoy watching the bunnies eating dandelions. They slurp them down like spaghetti.
10. Madison probably has the country's best farmers' markets, so I don't know why I even bother to grow stuff in my own yard.

When will the next installment be? Well, I guess y'all'll just have to keep checking my blog to find out. Heh heh.

*Hey, I'm figuring out this link thing. Or rather, my husband is and I'm taking his instructions. I still don't get it, but whatever. Here's a link to that post on Steph's blog. Oh my gosh, that was so easy, I feel kind of dumb for not figuring it out before.


I put a link to your blog on my blog, but I did it the lazy way.

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