Ann's Wedding

I went to a wedding today. Ann, my best friend from our painful days in middle school and slightly more tolerable days in high school, tied the knot. It was kind of strange for me. I haven't lived in Kentucky since I graduated from high school 10 (!) years ago, so I saw people at this wedding I haven't seen in a decade. It brought back lots of memories, like waiting at the bus stop with Ann when we were in sixth grade. Her older brother Everett waited for the high school bus across the street. I remember that we called him "Bubba" and that he sprained his ankle that year. In high school, I started going to church with her because I didn't fit in with the youth group at my parents' church. I went to church camp with her for two summers in a row, the kind of church camp with Bible drills and tent-revival-esque evening worship services and lots and lots of praise songs with guitars and overheads, the kind of church camp I would never, ever send my kid to today. I cringe to think about how immature I was at 15.

We sort of drifted apart at the end of high school. I am now more aware of some of the stuff she was going through, but I'll keep that private. Suffice it to say, I regret that I wasn't sensitive or understanding enough to empathize with my friends' problems at that time in my life. I hope I've improved in that respect.

The groom is from India, so the wedding was telecast to his family there. Ann looked beautiful. The ceremony was lovely, and it was also, to borrow a word from Anne Lamott, Jesus-y. There were many prayers, one even in the groom's native language, and they chose some heavy-hitters for Scripture readings, the evangelical-salvation-oriented verses like the one with the phrase "every knee shall bow." Still, there were some eclectic reminders that this was the same, goofy Ann I met at the bus stop. For one thing, the recessional was a recording of Elvis Presley's "I'm all shook up."

I wondered if I would see any other high school friends, and that made me a little nervous. It turned out that the only one was my friend Jennifer, who was one of the bridesmaids. She has a blog, too, and as soon as I get it together enough to actually put links on this blog, I'll put it on the not-yet-existent blogroll.

Tomorrow I return to Madison, to my own house with a high speed internet connection, and to my husband, whom I miss terribly right now. He went back home on Tuesday, and it's the first time he's been away from me and the baby overnight. Jennifer is a single mother of an 8-yr-old boy. I've always respected her for raising him on her own, but now that I have a child myself, I have to say I don't know how she's managed. Parenting is hard enough when you've got a partner to help you. I've only been alone with my child for a few days, and I have my mom and dad to hold him when I need a break, and I'm still exhausted. Kudos, Jenn.


Jenn Hacker said…
Thank you, Susan! I've added your blog to my list of those I try to visit, if not daily, at least several times a week.

Daniel is a beautiful little boy. I'm sorry I didn't get to meet your husband, and I'm sorry I didn't get to speak to you more at the reception.

And don't worry about daily poop updates. When Jamethan was a baby, I was obsessed with his poop! I worried he might not poop enough, then I worried that he pooped too much. At that point in my/his life, I could have written you a five-page, annotated treatise on the variations in his bowel movements and the implications thereof! You're a new mommy, so you're allowed to obsess over poop!
Suze said…
You made me laugh out loud. Daniel is an infrequent pooper. Last week he waited 9 whole days, and we ended up calling the doctor because we were starting to worry. She suggested we give him a spoonful of prune juice...we decided to wait it out.

My husband came back to Wisconsin before the wedding, so you wouldn't have been able to meet him. Let me know next time you're in KY, though, in case our paths might cross again!
Jenn Hacker said…
I laughed when I read that Daniel "squirted" you one time when he poo'ed. Jamethan was in the hospital when he was a baby, and he had a really mean nurse! We went to school with her, and she never liked me, and made it clear she didn't think much of me or my kid. She took Jamie's temperature (rectally, of course), and when she did, he aimed, fired and landed a bull's eye in her oh-so-preppy blonde ponytail.

Nothing like a !b#t@hy! blonde with a thermometer to clear up a bowel blockage! LOL. I was never so glad to see poop fly across a room!

Maybe if the weather in Madison is too craptastic one spring or fall day, you might think about coming to San Antonio for a visit. The Riverwalk is pretty, the museums are great, and we only had to use our heater for about two weeks last winter. Most of the time, we have to run the air conditioner. I was wearing shorts and sandals most of the winter!
annalu alulu said…
Hey, Susan! I got this blog address from Jennifer. I was really glad you were in town for my wedding. Yes, it was jesusy. I like Anne Lamot, too (and not just because her name is ann). I especially like the way she refers to her thighs as her "aunts". I hope we can re-friend! :-) It's kind of funny that I used to just know you'd be in my wedding (in the immature days ha ha), and that you were really there. That was really special. Kind of closure-y. But hopefully re-open-y.
Suze said…
closure-y and re-open-y indeed! i'm so glad you found my blog, ann.
i hope you're enjoying nashville. my husband spent a summer there when we were in college (long before we got married). his roommate refused to turn on the a/c. :)

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