100 things: part the second

If you're wondering what this is about, see this post.

11. I teach 5 piano students once a week at the home of one of the families.
12. Yesterday the last lesson was rather disrupted by the dog, the baby and a baseball bat.
13. See, I was teaching this kid, and we had to have the dog (a sweet golden retriever named Grace) in the room so he wouldn't bother the baby.
14. The dog is very friendly and came over to me to say hi.
15. I hate when dogs lick me.
16. I particularly hate when dogs lick me on the chest because they can smell my milk.
17. I REALLY particularly hate when dogs lick me on the chest while I'm trying to teach a pre-pubescent boy how to play a jazz piece.
18. It didn't help my self-consciousness when the baby was crying hard from being really hungry so I had to breastfeed him during the lesson (he was unaffected by the dog slobber, apparently).
19. Then the student's little sister came in and insisted that he find her baseball bat, which he had apparently misplaced. That made interruption #3 in a lesson that was turning out to be not so productive.
20. I think when this gig is up I should really not teach at people's houses anymore.


Jenn Hacker said…
Gee, what makes you think that lesson wasn't very productive? LOL.

Oh, and I finally figured out how to properly put links to everyone's blogs and even a link where people can e-mail me on my blog. Hey, just because my last name is "Hacker" doesn't mean I'll automatically know HTML!
Suze said…
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Suze said…
well, not productive in the sense that much musical knowledge was imparted from me to the student. it was certainly productive in other (milky) ways. oy.

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