I go to this knitting group once a week at a quilt/yarn shop about a mile from my house. I go because I just adore the other ladies in this group. Two of them are new moms like myself who bring their babies. The rest are women that could very well be our mothers, and a couple could possibly be our grandmothers, and they're all a delight.

Yesterday, while I was chatting it up with Cami (who spends as much time holding and talking to my kid than actually knitting), a jolly, buxom dame ambled up to look through the patterns. We got on the topic of who taught us to knit. "Well," she said in a faintly British accent, "my mum didn't have the patience to teach me, but my grandmother taught all of us, even the boys. She would set us all down with needles and wool and yell instructions from the kitchen: 'in, around, out and off!' We would knit little garter stitch squares and then we'd fold them in half and sew up one side and put ribbons on the bottom to make pixie hats. I wore mine to school. I suppose that was a bit daft, wasn't it?" We invited her to join us next week. I do so hope she comes.


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