Y'all will be relieved to know (or maybe you don't care...) that little Daniel finally pooped the afternoon that I blogged about it. Fortunately for me, he was with his Oma and Opa while I was out disc golfing with Stu and my brother Joe and his friend Marcus, so I didn't even have to clean it up! And I promise, no more daily updates on baby poop. I realize it's gross.

The weather was finally nice enough to walk to the library today. It's about a mile walk, and when you're carrying a 16-lb kid, it's a bit of a trek, but I really needed to get out of the house and breathe some fresh air. I've noticed that the houses in this neighborhood have a lot of tacky shit in their lawns. One yard had an assortment of plastic animals and a white madonna statue. A house down the road from my parents has fake flowers stuck in mulch. My parents' next door neighbors are, to put it mildly, white trash, so our view of their back yard consists of: a rusty shed, a broken-down van, one of those RV trailers you can pull behind a truck, and an above-ground pool with slimy green water. There's basically no lawn left back there. I think the house that takes the cake, though, is the one about a block down the street with an American flag painted over the entire fence, a good 15 ft long by 6 ft tall, complete with white wooden stars nailed on. They have a van in the driveway with a Nascar bumper sticker. I'll say no more.

Kentucky is breathtakingly gorgeous, especially at this time of year. I can't describe it without sounding overly sentimental, but I love just seeing the countryside. It's lush and green and there are black fences and stone fences and tobacco barns and beautiful tall horses grazing in pastures and old brick churches off the curvy two-lane highways. There are times my heart aches for this place, rednecks and tacky lawn decor and all.


canadahauntsme said…
whoops! (nyah!)
Suze said…
Suze said…
there, is that better, candahauntsme?

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