Naptime and recital planning

Right now Daniel takes short naps: 20-30 minutes apiece. Just long enough for me to spend a few minutes deciding how I want to spend that time, and start said activity before he wakes up. For example, it took three tries to do the dishes this morning (oh, I wish I wish I wish we had a dishwasher!). I just got him to sleep again, and I'm thinking, how shall I spend this valuable time? Shall I do yet another round of dishes? Shall I knit a few rounds on that sock I just started? Shall I post on my blog about how I don't know what to do with these glorious 20 minutes?

Obviously, I chose the latter option.

One of these days, Daniel will do away with his half dozen mini-naps and start taking two or three longer naps every day. I look forward to that time.

I've been planning my next DMA recital. I'm particularly excited about this one. I plan to do an entire program of piano duos (2 people, 2 pianos) and duets (2 people, one piano) with a friend of mine, great pianist, who just graduated with her MM in Collaborative Piano. There's so much repertoire it's hard to choose, but we've narrowed things down thusfar:

Mozart FM sonata (duet)
Poulenc sonata for 2 pianos
Debussy Six Epigraphes (duet)
Stravinsky's Rite of Spring (arranged for duet, probably just the first suite)
Dvorak Slavonic Dances (just a selection; there are a ton of these)

A program with all of this might still be too long, so something's got to go, but I just can't decide what. Mozart is spinach to piano players, really good for you but a lot of work to, um, digest. The Poulenc is so cool I have to do it. The Debussy is short but very advanced musically. The Stravinsky, well, it's Rite of Spring, need I say more? And the Dvorak would just be fun, something to balance the heaviness of Debussy and Poulenc (I know, you music types are thinking "Poulenc? Heavy?" But listen to this piece; it's not his lighter fare.) I also like that the only German thing on the program is Mozart. Schubert, Schumann and Brahms wrote some GREAT duets, but 19th German music is not my, ahem, forte. Not like French music and 20th century, anyway.

Ech, what a boring post. Basically, it's just me thinking out loud. Sorry, folks, that I don't have anything more interesting to say...unless you'd like to read about the baby's latest poop! But no, no, you really don't want to know.


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