Following up on that last post...

I realize that when I write about my "career" or my "life as a musician," I often sound negative and conflicted. I don't mean to be whiny, I'm just trying to be candid. Today, though, I want to have an optimistic take on things and describe my ideal job, should the opportunity ever present itself:

I want to work in an academic setting. It's not just that you get your summers off; I'm also attracted to the intellectual environment. I would like to teach in a college prep program, or work as an accompanist and chamber coach for college students. Ideally, I would do a little of both. It's unfortunate that jobs like these are often poorly-paid adjunct positions that most pianists take just as a stop-gap until they find better work elsewhere, but I don't care. For now, it's what I'd like to do.

Sadly, Madison has no college prep school for music study, though I believe it's one of the long-term goals of the pedagogy program at the University. There are plenty of independent studios in this town, but the pay ranges from bad to terrible and the students are often of dubious quality. (I taught at a studio for four years, and while there were certainly some rewarding moments, I had my share of duds.)

I've also thought about Arts Administration. There's a cracking good MBA program in Arts Admin at UW, and I've considered applying. I even bought a GMAT study guide. I could see myself working for a non-profit organization, maybe in some form of arts outreach. But while I find such things appealing, starting yet another graduate degree seems excessive.

So there you have it. I DO have goals after all! Between having kids and finishing this doctorate, who knows when I'll get to them, but today, at least, I have hope that things will work out some way or another.


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