Stephen Colbert is my new boyfriend

If you haven't watched Stephen Colbert's speech at the White House Correspondents' dinner, go find it now. Google it, or go to ifilm or youtube or whatever you have to do. Colbert roasted G Dubya Bush while the man was sitting RIGHT BESIDE HIM and it was brilliant.

Enjoy your scrod, old buddy. Enjoy your scrod.


pamigelsrud said…
I read his speech on I can't believe Bush was in the audience. Unbelievable!!

By the way, another thing about your other post about jobs. You are NOT too old, even if you have a kid!! You can do whatever the hell you want with you life! : )
Steph said…
Amen to that last. And stop thinking you are just some sort of journeywoman musician or whatever. I heard you last recital recording. Hardly.

By the way, Stephen Colbert is MY new boyfriend.
Suze said…
Hmmm, Steph, I think we may need to duke it out. Maybe each one of us could get one of his crooked ears.

Did you know that he's Catholic? (Listen to that Fresh Air'll learn a lot).
Steph said…
I did listen to it a while back, before he was MY OFFICIAL boyfriend. A practicing Catholic, even. I loved that interview.

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