100 things: part 3, the lame sequel to the sequel

21. I'm really tired today because the baby has been up a LOT the last couple nights.
22. In fact, last night I woke up around 2am with him sleeping on my belly/chest, and I had no recollection of getting him out of the crib and into my bed.
23. So when I put him back in his crib at 2:30, he woke up several times between then and 5.
24. The night before last, he woke me up at least 4 times between 1 and 5am.
25. I don't nap during the day, so I'm pretty sleep-deprived right now.
26. Thankfully, Stu is currently feeding Daniel a bottle of pumped milk, so I get a teeny weeny little break.
27. I've started practicing piano again! Today I worked on a Mozart duet (for the fall doctoral recital) for about an hour. Daniel was an angel and spent the entire time cooing and playing with a blanket.
28. Keeping up a practice routine is really exhausting when I'm hauling him around, but every day that I practice, I feel like I've accomplished something worthwhile besides washing dishes and wiping up baby puke.
29. But it's worth it because I want to finish my D.M.A. If I don't, I'll spend the rest of my life convinced I wasted my twenties in grad school.
30. I'm too tired to think of something to write here. Sorry!


Jenn Hacker said…
I'm sorry it's rough right now. It will get better, I promise! Has he had any vaccinations lately? Those can make baby cranky for a few days afterwards.
Suze said…
he had shots at 8 weeks, but fortunately those just made him sleepy. hes got more coming up soon, though. i think the problem is that he's just now going to bed about an hour earlier than he used to (strange, as it's light later in the evening), so he's tired earlier, but can't quite get to sleep. last night was better, though.

just when you think you're hitting a routine, there's some new developmental stage and it all goes to pot!
Jenn Hacker said…
WELCOME TO MOTHERHOOD! What you just said about routine will pretty much be the norm until he's out of college. LOL

Love ya!
Jenn Hacker said…
Madtown Mama needs to blog, doo dah, doo dah...
Madtown Mama needs to blog, oh de doo dah day.

Mama needs to blog!
Mama needs to blog!

Madtown Mama needs to blog, oh, de doo dah day!
Suze said…
LOL, Jenn!

Post coming later tonight...:)
Tooz said…
Suze, do you suppose the double espressos have any affect on Daniel's sleep patterns? Just a thought--
Jenn Hacker said…
Tooz is right. Caffeine does get in your milk. Chocolate can make babies cranky, too; as can any "gassy" foods Mama eats, like broccoli, cauliflower, beans, etc. And don't eat any nuts or peanuts. The doctors think that's how Jamie got his allergy -the allergenic enzyme can be passed to baby through your milk.

Take care, and get some sleep (if Daniel will let you)!
Suze said…
I didn't drink caffeine the first several weeks after Daniel was born for that very reason. Slowly, I introduced it and I haven't noticed a difference in his sleeping patterns on the days I have caffeine vs. the days I don't. I almost never have more than one cup per day, though, just in case. (A double espresso has about the same caffeine as a cup of coffee.)

I eat the gassy culprits all the time, and again, haven't noticed significant changes in his behavior. Had Daniel been colicky, I would have paid much closer attention to that, but he's actually a very happy, relaxed baby most of the time. He's just fussy when he's tired (what baby isn't?)

And as far as the nut allergies go, I asked the dr about that, and she didn't seem too concerned. I can't think of anyone in my family or Stuart's family, distant relatives included, who has a nut allergy. Not that I'm chowing down on peanuts every day, but I'm not totally avoiding them, either.

He slept beautifully last night, except for 2 quick feedings, so I'm feeling a bit more re-charged today.
Jenn Hacker said…
Yay! Glad you got some sleep. (And not to be all stereotypical-worrywart-mother on you, but nobody in my family has had nut allergies, either. My brother has some food allergies, but he's deathly allergic to mushrooms). Food allergies are becoming more and more prevalent in America. Just to let you know. Sorry, I'll stop lecturing now. Love ya! I'm so glad we're back in touch!
Suze said…
ick! well, it's good to know. maybe i'll try and avoid nuts until i'm done breastfeeding.

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